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Photography Studio

At our studio, we specialize in capturing the essence of real estate and portrait photography. With a keen eye for detail, we bring out the unique character of properties and the authentic beauty of individuals. Our commitment isto deliver striking, high-quality images that tell a story and create lasting impressions.

Real Estate / Pro Portraits / ID Photos / Events / Wedding…

MRLENS摄影工作室,我们专注于捕捉房地产和人像摄影的精髓。 凭借对细节的敏锐洞察力,我们展现出房产的独特个性和个人的真实之美。 我们的承诺是提供引人注目的高质量图像,讲述故事并给人留下持久的印象。

房产 / 专业形象照 / 证件照 / 个人及家庭写真 / 活动记录 / 婚礼跟拍…


Who we are?

We are a photography studio based in Calgary, Alberta. Our primary focus is on portrait photography and real estate, but we also specialize in capturing activity records and offering various other photography services. We primarily employ natural photography methods and pixel level retouching technology. Leveraging our professional expertise, we strive to create perfect and natural-looking photos for our clients.

我们是一家位于艾伯塔省卡尔加里的摄影工作室。 我们的主要重点是人像摄影和房地产,但我们也专注于捕捉活动记录并提供各种其他摄影服务。 我们主要采用自然摄影方法和像素级修饰技术。 利用我们的专业知识,我们努力为客户创造完美、自然的照片。

We are trying better... / 我们一直在努力...

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How to book our services?

Booking our services is straightforward. Simply let us know your requirements, and we’ll arrange a suitable time. We also offer a variety of services to help you touch our photography style quickly.

预订我们的服务非常简单。 只需让我们知道您的要求,我们就会安排合适的时间。 我们还提供多种服务,帮助您快速接触我们的摄影风格。

not just "press shutter"

Thanks to MRLNES for taking such satisfying photos for me. I always thought that photos were photos that were simply beautiful but not like myself. But this photo shoot showed me that I can still look so good, and my friends didn’t think it was a “seriously photoshopped” picture of me.


You guys are really serious about taking photos, and sometimes I really don’t understand how you are able to present my image so truly and beautifully. Maybe that's another me in a parallel universe. And you just filmed me in that world 🙂


Before shooting, I was always worried about how to capture a bright and warm feeling in a dark room. It seems I was overthinking it. MRLENS has never let me down. Whether it is a condo or a house, the photos I listed stand out.