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Real E.
Not simply HDR

We make optimal use of natural indoor lighting and even employ artificial light sources to ensure the details in our photographs are vividly captured. This approach not only preserves the ambiance of the property but also accurately reproduces the true colors. Additionally, we utilize the most suitable wide-angle lenses to faithfully recreate a sense of spaciousness in our photos.

我们充分利用室内自然光,甚至使用人造光源,以确保生动地捕捉照片中的细节。 这种方法不仅保留了酒店的氛围,而且还准确地再现了真实的色彩。 此外,我们利用最合适的广角镜头在照片中忠实地再现宽敞的感觉。

Services & Prices · 服务与价格

HDR Photos · 照片拍摄
  • 1-1500 sq/ft $108 +Tax

    More than 30 photos / MLS ready size / Finished Basement +$20

  • 1500-3000 sq/ft $128 +Tax

    More than 35 photos / MLS ready size / Finished Basement +$20

  • 3000-5000 sq/ft $148 +Tax

    More than 40 photos / MLS ready size / Finished Basement +$20

3D Walk-Through · 3D云看房
  • 1500 sq/ft $98 +Tax

    iGuide 3D / Floor plan / Laser Scan Mesurement / Unique Link Page

  • Extra 100 sq/ft $5 +Tax

    All scaned space (etc. basement)

  • Long Distance Fees $1.00/KM

    From photography spot to nearest hwy 201 in calgary (Google Maps)

  • Admission Fees $ Depends

    Admission fees for photographer and assistants



What our customer say?

When looking for MRLENS, you don’t have to worry about the light and color of the room; they can always express the state of the room skillfully. This is different from the HDR photos I have seen before.

Eric Wang